The Seventh International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST2014)


September 9-11, 2014


Tehran, Iran


ICT Research Institute

Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC)


IST'2014 is the Seventh in a series of biannual events organized by ICT Research Institute (ITRC) and designed to provide an opportunity for academicians and specialists in the international telecom community, to meet peers in Iran to have exchanges on the latest developments in emerging technologies, as well as progress in standards, services and applications in information and communication systems. The symposium will feature keynotes by world-renowned speakers, contributed papers, panels, special sessions and tutorials.

IST2014 is included in the IEEE Conference Publication Program and its proceeding is intended to be published in IEEE Xplore subject to Complying the IEEE quality standard.


Selected papers of IST2014 will be considered to be published in International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research (IJICTR), a publication of Research Institute for ICT. The Organizing Committee invites you to contribute to this prestigious event by submitting a paper or organizing a session with four to five papers pertinent to your area of expertise. Submitted proposals can also include a panel session or a pre-symposium tutorial/ workshop related to one of the topics of IST2014.


1- Computation & Decision-Making Aspects

-Algorithms, Models & Techniques

-AI & Soft Computing

-Design, Planning & Scheduling

-Debugging & Diagnosis

-Ubiquitous Computing

-Multi-Media Retrieval & Mining

2- Fields & Waves

-Antennas & Propagation

-Components & Circuitry

-Microwaves, Millimeter waves & Terahertz Theory & Applications

3- Information Technology

-IT Services Management & Applications

-Enterprise Solutions

-Knowledge/ Content Management Systems

-Multi-Media Systems, Services & Infrastructure

-Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

-Open-Source Software for Communication Purposes

-Web-Based Systems & Semantic Web

-Social Networks

-Value Added Services

-Game-Based Technology & Services

-Operating System & Virtualization

-Context-Based Services

-Cloud-Based Services

4- Issues in CyberSpace

-Cyber Economy

-Law& Regulation in Cyberspace

-Cyber Innovation & Entrepreneurship

-Trends in Cyberspace Technology

-Global Interdependency in Cyberspace

-Identity Management and Authentication in Cyberspace

-Intellectual Property in Cyberspace

-Socio-Cultural & Ethical Issues in Cyberspace

-Behavioral Analysis in Cyberspace

-Security Issues in Cyberspace

5- Network Theory

-Computer Networks

-Switching & Routing

-Network Simulation & Modeling

-Network Clustering

-Network Management & OSS/BSS

-Intelligent Network Management

-Cognitive Networks

-QoS/SLA Management

-Traffic Scheduling, Grooming & Engineering

-Data Communications

-Internet & Intranet

-Next Generation Networks &  E-Services

-Cloud Computing

-Content Delivery Network

6- Optical & Access Networks

-Broadband Access Technologies

-Last-Mile Access Technologies

-Optical Transport Networks

-Optical Packet-based Networks


-Optical Burst Switching

-Coherent Modulation Schemes in Optical Communications

-Novel Components in Optical Communications

7- Security Issues in ICT

-Information Security

-Network Reliability & Security

-Cloud & Security

-Social Networking, Collaboration & Security

-Trust Models in E-Services

-Regulations & Compliance in Cyberspace Security

-Security Metrics

-Security Program Maturity

-Network Authentication, Authorization & Access

8- Strategic Aspects of ICT

-ICT Service Development Strategies

-ICT Market Analysis & Forecasting

-ICT Regulatory & Governmental Aspects

-ICT Infrastructure Development Strategies for  E-Services

-National & Global ICT Indicators & Monitoring

-Information Society Measurement

-IT Governance

-Business Intelligence

9- Wireless & Mobile & Satellite Communications

- Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications

 - Mobile Broadband & (LTE & LTE Advanced, HSPA+, Mobile WiMAX & WiMAX2)

- Short-Range Wireless Communications

- Cognitive Radio & RF Spectrum Sharing

- Millimeter Wave & Terahertz Communications

- Atmospheric Wave Propagation

- MIMO Wireless Communications

- Satellite Communication Payload & Antenna

- Deep-Space Communications

- Satellite Earth Terminal Systems

- Integration of Air & Space: Challenges & Opportunities

- Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering


Paper Submission


Authors are invited to submit full papers of their original work of between 4 to 6 pages long. All papers should be in English and submitted electronically in both MS Word and PDF formats in compliance with the template displayed in the symposium website.

 Authors are also required to indicate which category from the above list their submission adheres to. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by e-mail. Each submission will be subject to review by three reviewers and the final decision will made by TPC. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the symposium.


  • Presentation of accepted papers is mandatory for their publication in the Symposium's Proceeding.


  • Manuscripts submitted to IST'2014 should not be submitted in parallel to other events. Manuscripts accepted or rejected by other similar events would not be processed by the IST'2014 TPC.
  • Manuscripts corresponded by student authors should obtain prior approval of their advisors before submission. All correspondences would also address the co-authors for their information.
  • The attention of prospective authors is drawn to the IST'2014 policy on plagiarism. Use of material from other sources without giving credit to the reference is not ethical. Proposals containing plagiarism would not be considered by the IST'2014 TPC.
  • To avoid plagiarism, due credit must be given whenever the followings are used:
  • Another person's idea, opinion, or theory.
  • Any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings-any pieces of information-that are not common knowledge.
  • Quotations of another person's actual spoken or written words.
  • Paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words.

Important Deadlines:

Submission of all proposals: April 20, 2014

Notification of Acceptance: June 28, 2014

Submission of all Final Papers & Registration: August 1, 2014


Tutorial proposals on subjects describing new developments in systems, technologies or applications are welcomed. Length should be tailored for half-day or full-day presentation using PowerPoint or overhead projector slides. Distribution of supplementary handouts or brochures is encouraged.

The Organizing Committee invites you to contribute to this prestigious event by submitting a paper or organizing a session with four to five papers pertinent to your area of expertise. Submitted proposals can also include a panel session or a pre-symposium tutorial/ workshop related to one of the topics of IST'2014.

During the course of the symposium, cultural activities including tours of historical sites, a will be provided. Also, before and after the symposium, tours of touristic cities such as Isfahan will be organized, which should be of interest especially to the international attendees. For more information please refer to the symposium web site at .

We look forward to receiving your scientific contribution.

Ahmad Khadem Zadeh (PhD)

IST'2014 Organizing Committee Chair


Tel: +98 21 88630077

Fax: +98 21 88009885